How Vipps Enhanced Efficency and Security

Vipps, Norway’s pioneering mobile payment application, has rapidly expanded as the nation’s leading mobile wallet since its inception in 2015. With ambitions to dominate the international market through its mergers with MobilePay and Finnish wallet Pivo, Vipps is keen on fortifying its cloud-based platform, especially in areas susceptible to cyber threats like Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The Challenge

The financial industry, where Vipps operates, is rife with regulations and cybersecurity challenges. Vipps, despite its agile approach and relatively smaller scale, recognised the need for a robust yet flexible IAM solution that not only strengthens their security posture but also aligns with their tech stack.

The Solution

Transcendent Group, now Advisense, proposed and implemented the Azure Identity Governance (AIG). Compared to other cumbersome IAM tools, AIG is nimble and effortlessly integrates with Azure AD – a perfect match for Vipps’ Azure-based infrastructure. The AIG system facilitates self-service via the Microsoft MyAccess portal and is adept at streamlining approval and audit workflows.

The Result

A two-month pilot project validated the efficacy of AIG, leading to its deployment across all of Vipps’ development teams in under six months. While some refinements are ongoing to ensure seamless integration with Vipps’ organizational structure, the benefits of this modernised IAM approach were evident right from the early stages.

“Transcendent Group has been a solid IAM partner for Vipps. We have achieved high levels of self-service, automation, and compliance as a result of this partnership.”

Reza Sobut, Head of Merchant Platform and deputy board member, Vipps