NIS2 (Network & Information Security)

The NIS2 Directive will come into effect on October 18th, 2024.

We help you ensure effective compliance and identify opportunities with NIS2 to further enhance your organisation's resilience against threats and cyberattacks.

NIS2 (Network & Information Security)

NIS2 Directive Defined

The Network and Information Security Directive, NIS2, addresses EU’s rising cybersecurity risks and internal interdependencies among companies, sectors, and national boundaries.

NIS2 introduces more precise requirements to harmonise regulations within the EU, aiming to enhance the resilience of the internal market and its response to cyber incidents and attacks.

Broader Scope

NIS2 broadens the scope of critical sectors, extending beyond essential services.

Enhanced Cooperation

NIS2 emphasises increased cooperation and information sharing among member states.

Reporting Obligations

NIS2 introduces mandatory incident reporting for a broader range of entities.

Cyber & Digital Risk, NIS2, Key features, introduction to NIS2

NIS2 Summarised

The NIS2 Directive strengthens EU cybersecurity by broadening critical sector coverage, improving member state cooperation, and enforcing mandatory incident reporting for swift response and mitigation of cyber threats.

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Who is affected by NIS2?

NIS2 affects all member states of the European Union, as it establishes requirements and regulations that must be adhered to by entities within those states.

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Cyber & Digital Risk, NIS2, Who is affected
Cyber & Digital Risk, NIS2, Key features

What is the difference between NIS2 and NIS?

Overall, NIS2 strengthens and expands upon the framework established by NIS1 to address evolving cybersecurity challenges and enhance the EU’s cyber resilience.

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How to prepare for NIS2

NIS2 affects all entities that provide essential or critical services to the European economy and society, both companies and suppliers. With its implementation set for the 18th of October 2024, this article presents 8 steps to prepare for NIS2.

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NIS2 DIrective Compliance Network and information system

Discover the potential of NIS2 and make your organisation more resilient.

Our NIS2 Services

Advisense is uniquely positioned to guide you through the complex regulatory landscape and to support you with the necessary analyses and actions for a NIS2 implementation.

Our team of 100 experienced information and cyber security consultants combine regulatory, security, and technological expertise, offering leading-edge insights and knowledge.

GAP & Maturity Assessments
  • GAP/maturity assessments with acknowledged information security standards, such as ISO27001:2022
  • Comprehensive action and implementation plan to mitigate potential gaps or to mature information security
Information & Cyber Security
  • Information security strategy and governance
  • Integration of IT and information/cyber security in the risk framework
  • IT and information security regulatory experts
  • Hands-on information/cyber security process development
  • Cyber security specialists
  • Technical cyber security support
  • Ensure control over potential critical providers
  • Performing risk analysis based on an all-risk approach

Incident Management
  • Ensure incident management processes and routines
  • Enhance the incident management capabilities
  • Enhance business continuity management and crisis management
  • Roles and responsibilities for different incident types and scenarios
  • Prepare for supervisory reporting of significant incidents
  • Support monitoring capabilities of significant incidents


Security Testing
  • Define a sound and comprehensive risk-based testing framework
  • Define testing procedures in changes and for new development
  • Procedures and policies to prioritize, classify and remedy all testing issues
  • Cyber security testing (penetration testing)
  • Vulnerability handling and disclosure
  • Review of information security strategy and governance
  • CISO as a Service
  • Compliance
  • Risk  management
  • IT assurance
  • Third-party reviews


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